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Karen Marlise Cowles has many reasons why she is the best permanent makeup artist in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay area and even Florida. Karen Marlise can boast to be one of the best permanent makeup artist in Florida. She has done permanent makeup since 1993 which were the early years when permanent makeup was just becoming popular. That is when she flew to southern California renting a room for almost a year to certify, a 300 hour training course in permanent makeup.

But, that was only her beginning of her training in permanent makeup. She is a graduate of two of the nation’s top permanent cosmetic makeup colleges and not short courses. Karen has endless hours of training throughout the years in every area of permanent cosmetic makeup procedures. More over she has over 22 years of perfecting her skills creating beautiful permanent eyebrows, permanent designer eyeliner and beautiful permanent full lips to name a few of the types of permanent cosmetic makeup procedures Karen does without any pain. Karen uses the top numbing agents on the market and quickly numbs the client completely. Her permanent cosmetic work can not be surpassed. Being the best permanent makeup artist comes from one having a natural artist ability, winning the International Masters in Dallas, Texas, called on to produce early years videos by, graduate of two of the Nation’s top permanent cosmetic makeup colleges and taking countless classes in every area of permanent makeup. Karen Marlise has spend thousands investing in knowledge to do the permanent makeup work right and registered with the state of Florida Board of Health.

To top it all she has the highest rating on line all over the internet with her services on,, google, yahoo, etc. Plus, almost everyday she is performing a permanent cosmetic procedure for someone working with every color of permanent cosmetic colors produced and every skin type imaginable. It is very important if you are darker skin type to have a expert perform your permanent makeup work because if cheap ink and the wrong colors are used the end results can turn out blue, gray, pink or a unwanted color. Karen Marlise is very highly trained with color, camouflage, skin colors, undertones and everything necessary to produce perfect results.

Another very important fact is Karen Marlise truly cares about satisfying everyone that calls on her for services. She is grateful for the business and respects the client’s wishes. The bottom line it is what the client wants that has to be one of the top of the list important considerations and follow the client’s wishes. That is why Karen takes the time needed to use surgical marker to create exactly what the client requests and goes the through color choices on the client’s skin to ensure the client’s requests. Then a photo is taken for the client to approve and then the work begins.

Karen Marlise warns people beware of hand stabbing permanent makeup given a fancy name to make it sound like it is highly skilled technique which truly she doesn’t think applies to what is really done. A needle that is attached to a plastic stick so it can be hand poked into the skin. Instead of the even, regular action of a quality permanent cosmetic machine which very high quality needles which regulates even distribution of color in the skin. This hand stabbing some call it micro-pigmentation but, Karen calls it no different then a jailhouse tattoo because of the end appearance of most of the work she sees and what client’s tell her. She has been told how long it takes, how painful it is, how short the life of the work lasts and how all over the place the end result is. Usually way too thick and sloppy looking like some that couldn’t see to put of their makeup on. Karen doesn’t want to insult others work but, she believes you shouldn’t be doing the work if you can’t do it beautifully. Karen sees eyeliner done all the time that is way too thick, no color in the lash line and then the bottom put underneath the lash line too low and looks awful on most people making their eyes drupe.

Karen truly believes if you are going to be in the permanent makeup profession then you need to invest into first and then you truly have the skill to grow with many referrals from your work. You need to go and learn how to do it perfectly if you are in the business of improving people’s faces and nothing less is acceptable. People are looking to you to help them look better and it is our responsibility to  beautiful permanent cosmetic makeup work or don’t do it. Make a living performing facials or other services like waxing if you don’t have high end skills in permanent makeup.

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Karen Marlise helps the greater Tampa Bay Area – Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, including Orlando, Trinity, New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Largo, Clearwater, Hudson, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Belleair, Belleair Bluffs, Countryside, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park and the beautiful Gulf Beaches of Florida from Clearwater Beach, Belleair Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Redington Beach, Madiera Beach to Treasure Island & St. Pete Beach.

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